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BAOS: Beer & Other Shhh Podcast

Oct 17, 2018

We made a goal to hang out in the mountains this past summer, and our friends at Visit Colorado made it happen! Hours after touching down in Durango in the south western part of the state, we headed up to Colorado OGs Ska Brewing for a fantastic podcast with International Sales Manager Arlo and Brewer Joe to get aligned with the CO beer scene, all the while dealing with the significant elevation change. Those beers hit you a ton quicker at 6,500 ft.

Beers Reviewed: Ska Brewing Mexican Logger; Ska Brewing True Blonde Ale; Ska Brewing Rue B. Soho; Ska Brewing Modus Hoperandi; Ska Brewing Modus Mandarina; Ska Brewing Mod Project Pink Vapor Stew.

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