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BAOS: Beer & Other Shhh Podcast

Jan 16, 2019

You may remember Jean-Phillippe from Episode #94 - he's certainly one of the most industrious brewers in the city. Not only does he own and operate La Succursale, but he's a partner in the co-op MaBrasserie and in Little Italy's Birra Bar à Bières Maison. Along with JP's partner in life and business Weena, we chatted about the local scene, how they manage their incredible workload, and of course, lactose (hint: JP isn't a fan).

Beers Reviewed: Birra Camilla; Birra Anne; La Succursale Pils; La Succursale IPA Goyave; Birra Irma; La Succursale La Promenade.

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