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BAOS: Beer & Other Shhh Podcast

Aug 28, 2019

For our long time listeners and viewers, you may recall that waaay back in the day we used to interview a lot of our talented friends in the music or entertainment business, but over the past few years we've focused almost exclusively on speaking with breweries. Well folks, we finally got an opportunity to combine beer and music once again, hanging out with fellow podcaster and lead singer of the legendary Montreal metal band Cryptopsy, Matt McGachy. We had a very lengthy and entertaining chat about all things beer podcasting, being an international touring musician, and a lot of other stuff that escapes me right now. It got a little fuzzy towards the end there. This was a fun one. Enjoy!
Beers Reviewed: Zero Gravity Green State Lager; Messorem Bracitorium OK, L'enfer; Green Empire Side Business; Foam Think I'm In Love; Messorem Bracitorium Get Wavy; Avery Lunctis Viribus (2016); Other Half Short, Dark & Handsome (Mexican Hot Chocolate).
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