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BAOS: Beer & Other Shhh Podcast

Nov 13, 2019

You know what's better than one Vermont brewery in our Top 10 most downloaded podcasts of all time? Two Vermont breweries! Earlier this year, we spent a weekend in glorious VT and finally got to hang out with the team at Switchback. Tiff and Cee visited Switchback on their first ever Vermont trip in 2016, so this was a cool full circle moment. The brewery was huge, so much larger than we expected, and we got to get into their new East meets West IPA, our fave brew of the day.

It was also cool to get the varied perspectives from Sarah, who runs the taproom, and Alex who runs the brewhouse, and to get some background as to how the VT craft beer scene has changed over the years. Get some Vermont beer in ya!


Switchback are Vermont OGs, and they were one of the first taprooms in the state that Cee and Tiffany visited back in 2016. We finally got down there to chat with the team for an interview - we hung out with Brewer Alex and Taproom Manager Sarah to get into the history of the brewery, to discuss their Ale being the most exported beer in Vermont and yap about brewery dogs. Cheers!
Beer Reviewed: Switchback Ale; Switchback IPA; Switchback Tequila Barrel Aged Thai Lime Gose; Switchback Gales Of Helles; Switchback Blackstrap Ale; Switchback Citra-Pils Keller Bier.
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