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BAOS: Beer & Other Shhh Podcast

Apr 12, 2023

Y'all already know that the BAOS team is heavy into non-alcoholic beverages, so clearly we were excited to hang out with the team behind Harmon's Craft Brewing. Co-Founders Steve and Rob (we were just missing Mike Cuch who was hit with internet issues due to the massive Ontario storm) hung out with Cee (who was in Miami) to chat about their beginnings founding Mill St. Brewing, why they started a new non-alcoholic beer project, their approach to the beer, the volume of liquid dumped to get to where they're at, their "flavour first" philosophy, why craft breweries need to become craft beverage companies, and their choice of styles for their flagship lineup. They crushed Harmon's three core brands - Lunchbox Lagered Ale, Half Day Hazy IPA and Jack Pine Pale Ale. Cheers! 

BAOS Podcast

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