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BAOS: Beer & Other Shhh Podcast

Jun 14, 2023

For almost 40 years, Guelph's Wellington Brewery has kept Ontarians fuelled with fine English-style beer, and it was well overdue to have the legends on the pod. Karyn and Wilma joined Cee and Nate to chat about Welly's humble beginnings in the early '80s, how they've pivoted and grown over the years, the changes they've seen in the scene in their time at Welly, their exciting move into Sparkling Hop Water, their cask brews, how their Helles Lager marked a new era for the brewery, their early move into haze with Upside, and how their Queen of Craft festival has grown. We crushed a wicked lineup of Welly beers - Boot Lite, Helles Lager, Upside NEIPA, Sunshine, Special Pale Ale and Imperial Stout. This was a fantastic one, cheers!

BAOS Podcast

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