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BAOS: Beer & Other Shhh Podcast

Aug 9, 2023

Beer education is something we're passionate about here at BAOS, so it was an honour to spend some time with Beer Educator, Kim Lucas! Her mentor Michelle Tham discussed beer and food pairings and Cicerone skills on episode #110 of the Adjunct Series, and this is somewhat of an unofficial follow-up, this time with a focus on brewing. Kim curated three beers from Bench Brewing (where she currently works) that showcase three of the main ingredients in beer - their Lincoln Lager which highlights malt, their Short Hills Hazy IPA which highlights hops, and their Soak Up The Sai-sun Saison which highlights yeast. Kim even supplied us with bags of malt and hops so we can smell (and in the case of the malts, even taste) the ingredients as we drink the brews. This was a fascinating journey, we learned a lot and we hope you do, too!

BAOS Podcast

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