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BAOS: Beer & Other Shhh Podcast

Dec 17, 2022

Brewing a Lager for Link Up requires a lot of notice and a lot of preparation, which is a testament to the dedication to the DEI mission from the legends at Caledon, ON's Sonnen Hill. Brewer and Founder Calum Hill joined Tiff and Cee to chat about the challenges of operating a diverse brewery located in a farming community, the benefits of being close to a major city, how to curate an inclusive experience in your taproom (via ambiance and products), why the mission is important to him and how breweries can ramp up their diversity efforts. We crushed their incredible Link Up Hoppy Pilsner, with Saphir, Citra and Nelson Sauvin - it's malty, tropical, winey and incredibly crushable. Cheers!
About the Link Up season:

We're back with a brand new season of BAOS Podcast, and this one is something very special and very close to us. We'll be focusing this entire season on Link Up, a non-profit started by the good folks behind Microbrasserie 5e Baron in Aylmer, QC and Tiffany and Cee here at BAOS and High Season Co. Our aim with this program is to help BIPOC from underrepresented communities learn about and enter the craft beer industry in essentially any area they wish - from a brewing apprentice to taking the Cicerone course for front-of-house opportunities, from hop farming to the yeast lab, from beer media to design and photography, we're here to help diversify an industry that is in dire need of it.

Link Up

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