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BAOS: Beer & Other Shhh Podcast

Nov 18, 2020

It feels like we talk about our storied group chat with our Canadian beer media homies every damn episode, so for the first time ever, we finally had the whole squad on the podcast. Regular BAOS co-host Noah Forrest of Beerism, Nathan Lefebvre of NathanDoesBeer (and BAOS's lead blog writer), and Christoph Paquette of Hops & Bros (and 5e Baron) joined Cee for an epic display of exquisitely-timed beer media brewery collaborations.

The podcast concept started because Noah's collab beer (and rebrand) with 5e Baron - Hopism - dropped this past week, and coincidentally, and Chris was picking up the new can of Hops & Bros, their collab with Tuque de Broue for the fourth year running, at the same time. We also happened to have some cans of Bière de Vacances, BAOS's annual collab with L'Espace Public, kicking around from the late August/early September release, so we were able to crush three collabs at once. This was a super fun episode, briefly interrupted by a power outage at Cee's place around 45 minutes in, but luckily the audio never cut out. Get it in ya!

BAOS Podcast

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