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BAOS: Beer & Other Shhh Podcast

Feb 2, 2021

Gatineau, Quebec has been experiencing somewhat of a craft beer renaissance over the last couple of years, and one of those fire, innovative, new breweries is À La Dérive. Cee discovered them last summer and was blown away by the quality of their New England IPAs, so he was super excited to catch up with Co-Founders Sébastien Gandy and Jean-François Cardinal.

The fellas chatted about how the brewery came about, how they survived the pandemic, how contract brewing was their saving grace, and a whole lot more. We busted out the big guns for this episode, getting into a gorgeous peppercorn saison, a hazy Pale Ale, one of the instalments from their Boathouse IPA series, and we wrapped it up with a raspberry dessert stout. Get it in ya!

BAOS Podcast

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