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BAOS: Beer & Other Shhh Podcast

Feb 24, 2021

Back in February 2020, we launched our first ever themed season, Against The Grain, where we spoke with breweries in Quebec who took the path less followed and brewed beers that most breweries didn't. We had two final episodes lined up and booked, but they happened to be booked the first two weeks of the COVID lockdown and of course, they never happened. One of those breweries was Brasserie du Bas-Canada.

Since things aren't changing any time soon, we felt it was time to finally do it. We hung with Co-Founders Marc-André Cordeiro Lima and Gabriel Girard Bernier, along with our fave co-host Noah Forrest of Beerism, to get the full history of their meteoric rise to craft beer fame, their branding, we touched on their styles of choice (NEIPAs and pastry stouts) and a lot more in this epic chat that more than made up for the delay. We also crushed four of their brews - HYPA IX, Ferme Moore, First Bucket and Timber. Enjoy, and get it in ya!

BAOS Podcast

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