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BAOS: Beer & Other Shhh Podcast

Mar 17, 2021

Just like 2017, we're delivering back-to-back Ottawa episodes to give the long-time listeners a little touch of nostalgia. Tooth & Nail, while only just over 5 years old, are regularly mentioned in the same breath with some of the breweries in Canada. Their Vim & Vigor Pilsner is highly regarded universally as one of the best examples we have in our fine land, and their owner and founder Matt Tweedy joined us for another fantastic chat.

While Nathan from NathanDoesBeer and the BAOS Blog was supposed to co-host, due to a health-related issue he had to bow out and Noah Forrest of Beerism gracefully stepped in to fill his enormous shoes. We chatted with Matt for over 3 hours about all of his phenomenal beer, the ridiculousness of the haze-focused questions we asked back in 2017, their COVID pivot and a lot more while drinking Lupo Solitario (single-hopped Kellerpils with Diamant hops), Valor (saison), and their St. Patrick's Day stout 4 pack (Fortitude, Fornication, Fortified and Fortissimo 2020). Huge episode with some genuine gems from Matt. Get it in ya! 

BAOS Podcast

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