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BAOS: Beer & Other Shhh Podcast

Apr 14, 2021

Another brewery who evaded us all these years on the podcast is one of the breweries that got Cee into craft beer over a decade ago. Muskoka Brewery are Ontario legends and they celebrate their 25th anniversary this June, so it was the perfect time to have President Todd Lewin and Head Brewer Gary Jollimore on the pod for a lengthy chat.

This was a super engaging conversation, with the fellas diving into Muskoka's deep history in the craft beer industry, the value of gateway breweries, Muskoka's move into the Quebec market this coming May, their new Hard Sparkling Water line, potential non-alcoholic brews, 2022 planning and more. We got into their new Peach Blackcurrant Hard Sparkling Water, Tread Lightly light lager, their classic Cream Ale, Blue Buried Treasure (collab with Kawartha Dairy), Hazed & Confused, Mad Tom and Twice As Mad Tom. Cheers!  

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