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BAOS: Beer & Other Shhh Podcast

Apr 28, 2021

It's always an honour to get to chat to the people behind the breweries who shaped your early beer-drinking years, so finally bringing Daniel Addy Jibb, Co-Founder of Microbrasserie Le Castor, on the pod was a milestone for us. Being that they've also known each other a long time, it was only right that we brought back our fave special guest co-host, Noah Forrest of Beerism, Quebec's premier craft beer blog, to help out.

We got the full Le Castor story from Dan's early days as a carpenter to how their iconic and game-changing beer, Yakima IPA, was created, we chatted in depth about their new Progression Series, how they've had to pivot over the years and throughout the pandemic, why they've stuck to a distribution-only model and a lot more. We crushed Kazbek, a Pils from their Progression Series, their hoppy West Coast Lager, their renowned New England IPA and Lutine, a double IPA that's like a ramped-up NEIPA. Enjoy!

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