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BAOS: Beer & Other Shhh Podcast

May 12, 2021

Cottage country is an unassuming place for craft beer. Muskoka is a region where city folk go to relax and unwind, surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery Canada has to offer, and the last thing you'd expect is to find fire craft beer. Opening their doors to the public only a couple of years ago, Canvas Brewing has been knocking out quality brews to appeal to both the newer craft beer drinkers, and the seasoned beer nerds, alike.

Cee sat down with Co-Founder and Head Brewer Jeffrey Woodworth to get the whole story on Canvas, his global beer journey, why he chose his hometown of Huntsville, ON as the place for the brewery, how they've coped during COVID, how they get to know their clientele and cater to all tastes, the rejuvenation of a rundown part of town that started with the brewery, and a whole lot more. We crushed their Original Kölsch, Back Trail Pale Ale, Hazy IPA and Peach Kettle Sour. This was a super fun episode, cheers!

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