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BAOS: Beer & Other Shhh Podcast

May 19, 2021

Keeping it local is often a tenet that craft beer lays heavily on, and not many live it like Avling. Founder Max Meighen worked in both kitchens and brewhouses around the world, and he brought that experimental, palate-driven ethos to his business. Head Brewer Brandon Judd studied in Germany and has worked for many incredible breweries in Toronto, and his patient, dedicated craftsmanship shines in the Avling's beers.

Cee sat down with the guys to hear the full story, including how everything came together, they discussed the three main arms of the business (kitchen, brewery and rooftop garden), how their neighbourhood has shown out to support, we went into detail about their approach to beer and food, how their garden plays a role in everything they do, and a lot more. We cracked open their Magpie Hoppy Lager, Tahoma Dry-Hopped Lager, Carillon Bière de Miel, Brevis Cherry Saison, Orpheus and the unreleased Pale Fire. This was a fascinating chat, cheers! 

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