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BAOS: Beer & Other Shhh Podcast

Jun 14, 2021

Sitting less than an hour east of Toronto, the Durham region's craft beer scene has been blowing up in the past few years. One brewery that caught our eye was Bowmanville's Chronicle Brewing, with their eclectic, game and fantasy-centric label art, and impeccable and wide-ranging list of beers. We've been fortunate enough to try a few of their beers over the last year and change, but finally we got to hang out with the folks behind the brews.

Helmed by Ted Paulsen, he joined Cee on the podcast alongside Jon Cowling (marketing, front of house) to get into how the brewery came to be, what's in the water in Durham, where the label art (and occasional cease-and-desist worthy imagery) comes from, why they nail such a wide range of styles and a lot more. We cracked open their Clockwork Automation Pilsner, Chimera Pale Ale and Ales From The Crypt black currant sour. This was a beaut, cheers!

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