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BAOS: Beer & Other Shhh Podcast

Jun 16, 2021

Ottawa is Canada's capital city, and in the past few years it has truly become synonymous with craft beer. One of the OG breweries in the city is Bicycle, who kicked things off in 2014 when husband and wife team Fariborz and Laura Behzadi opened up their own space after wanting something of their own to work on together. In this time, they've built a true community hub with a legion of loyal customers who love to bike to their cozy, welcoming brewery.

BAOS's very own blog lead Nathan (also of NathanDoesBeer) joined Cee to hang with Fariborz and Laura to get the full history on Bicycle, why they've yet to brew crizpyboiz, how their recipes have evolved over the years, how Ottawa's craft beer scene has grown, the resurgence of the West Coast IPA, and a lot more. They got into four brews, including Frequency Pale Ale, Tree Climber IPA, On The Lam IPA and Willow West Coast IPA. Cheers!

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