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BAOS: Beer & Other Shhh Podcast

Jun 30, 2021

It's been quite the run for the live Quarantine Edition of our ongoing Adjunct Series, and tonight, we wrapped it up with a bang. Longtime followers would know that our trip to Virginia in 2019 was a memorable one, where we travelled for a week from the northern part of the state all the way down to Virginia Beach, and we truly loved our experience. One thing we've been missing during the pandemic is those fire Virginia beers, so we were stoked to hang out with the boys behind Virginia Beer Co.

Based in Williamsburg, VA, Robby Willey and Chris Smith opened Virginia Beer Co. back in March of 2016, and they recently celebrated their 5th anniversary. This episode was special for a few reasons - not only was it the wrap-up for the Quarantine Edition, but at midnight it was Chris's birthday, and the Montreal Canadiens won their series against Las Vegas to enter the NHL finals for the Stanley Cup in the middle of the episode, so there were a lot of fireworks, chanting and honking. The fellas chatted about their beginnings in craft beer, the trials and tribulations of finding their location, their approach to the beers they brew, Chris's brother's illustrious NHL career, Team Money vs Team Funny, and a ton more. We crushed four spectacular brews - Provisional Kölsch, Liquid Escape (tart ale with Australian sea salt and lemongrass), Deadbolt DIPA and a wild Brett farmhouse ale, Cellar Circus (Blend No. 006). Cheers!

Note: We'll be off for the first two weeks of July 2021, coming back with a new produced season featuring Cee and Tiffany hosting, and then we'll slide right back into the Adjunct Series.

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