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BAOS: Beer & Other Shhh Podcast

Nov 11, 2021

Kingston, Ontario is a region that hasn't typically been strongly associated with craft beer, but over the last few years, the scene is really beginning to shine. Newcomers Fine Balance, which opened in the summer of 2020, have made a real splash in the region and beyond. Co-Founder Andrew Silver joins Cee and Nathan of NathanDoesBeer/BAOS blog to chat about their unique marketing plan leveraging independent bottle shops across the province, their gorgeous branding, their approach to beer, their mission of perfecting the hazy IPA, the changes in the Kingston and Bay of Quinte regions, and a lot more. They crushed Fine Balance's Testaccio dry-hopped Italian Pilsner, their flagship lactose IPA Oats & Cream, and their juicy strawberry and vanilla Gelato Sour. This was a gem, enjoy!

BAOS Podcast

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