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BAOS: Beer & Other Shhh Podcast

Dec 25, 2019

It all comes full circle. Scott and I started this podcast as a fun side project. It quickly became a serious part of all our lives with an entire team behind it, and in particular there was someone who was driving the whole thing from the start. My partner in life and business, Tiffany, and I had been talking about doing a podcast about Marketing and Social Media, as we run an agency and we're genuinely passionate about the craft beer industry stepping up their marketing game. So when we finally did it, we really had no clue how impactful it would be.
I kinda figured one of the big name breweries would be our most downloaded episode. But no, the people wanted to hear the team speak on something we're passionate about, and that's both inspiring and humbling. Thank you all for lending us your ears over the years. We hope you learned something, and had a few laughs. We're excited af for the move into themed seasons in 2020, we're already working on the first two seasons so stay tuned, and get it in ya! And oh yeah - Happy Holidays!
Being that beer is both an art and a science, one key element of running a business often gets overlooked throughout the industry - Marketing. Our producer and Social Media Strategist Tiffany Alexis joins Cee, who just returned from a trip back home to Australia, for a full length chat about all things Social Media and Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Public Relations and simply and clearly break down how craft breweries can win online.
Beers Reviewed: Mr. Banks Rancho Relaxo; Bad Shepherd Victoria Pale Ale; Kilter x 2 Crows Flamango; Dominion City Between Two Evils.
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