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BAOS: Beer & Other Shhh Podcast

Nov 29, 2023

Kingston, ON has a fantastically bright craft beer scene, and no brewery has taken that more literally than Daft. Co-Founder Adam and brewer Rich joined Cee and Nate to chat about what's changed since we spoke to them last in late 2021, the move to cans from bottles, aging their dark beers, how amazing West Coast IPAs are, where the Kingston beer scene is at, the challenges of distributing beer, their LCBO switch out, and some of the stories behind their beer names. They got into a gang of Daft brews, including Barenaked Light Lager, Thirst Trap DDH IPA, Day Off Strawberry, Peach & Cream IPA, Throwing Shade Black Lager, Down By The River West Coast IPA, and Dad Bod DIPA. This was super fun, cheers!

BAOS Podcast

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