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BAOS: Beer & Other Shhh Podcast

Sep 16, 2020

During the pandemic, we've spoken to a lot of breweries across the globe, from Los Angeles to Toronto, from Montreal to Melbourne, but there's one area of the supply chain that we've yet to touch base with - the deps. Specialty beer stores are a serious lifeline for breweries here in Quebec, as they're one of the main ways breweries can get their products to the people.

One store that has been making some serious noise in the last year is Cheers Boutique. They were the first location in Quebec to set up an online store for local ordering, they keep their inventory to around 150 products to ensure freshness and no stale shelfies, and they've formed genuine relationships with a lot of breweries across the province. Cee hung out with Co-Founder Catherine Roux to get the details while sipping some fire from La Knowlton, Messorem Bracitorium, 4 Origines and Ras L'Bock. Cheers!

BAOS Podcast

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