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BAOS: Beer & Other Shhh Podcast

Nov 30, 2020

Blind craft beer taste tests are becoming quite the thing for the team at BAOS, and for this episode, we went all out. We brought in the dream team of Noah Forrest of the esteemed, and Matt McGachy of the dominant Vox & Hops (and vocalist of Cryptopsy), to help out Cee with a festive four-pack guessing game thanks to La Canette, a fantastic specialty craft beer store in the Villeray neighbourhood of Montreal.

Kevin of La Canette and his team hand-selected four NEIPAs from Quebec and expertly wrapped them so no cheating was possible, and the fellas had to guess the exact style (single NEIPA, double, triple etc), the hop bill, the ABV, any tasting notes and finally, the beer and brewery. Overall, the team did really well, and it wouldn't have happened with the legends at La Canette - make sure you get down to 7255 St. Hubert!

Note: About 90 minutes in, Cee had a legit fall. He knocked over the final beer and was annoyed, rushing to clean it up to get back to the podcast when he took a spill in the kitchen. It sounds like he's just angry about spilling the beer but the bruises across his entire left side tell a different story. He's not crazy, he just got hurt pretty bad - but he pushed on and finished the podcast, even with a bleeding armpit and throbbing limbs.

Follow the guys: @voxandhops @_la_canette_villeray_

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