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BAOS: Beer & Other Shhh Podcast

Mar 8, 2021

One of our fave advantages of doing our podcast virtually is that we get to talk to breweries that we usually wouldn't unless we were in their town, and it's really made the Adjunct Series super interesting to produce. Canada's West Coast is somewhere we've always wanted to get out to, and in particular, we've wanted to get out to Delta, BC to see the team behind one of our fave breweries out there, Four Winds. Instead, they came to us (virtually).

Co-Founders and brothers Adam and Brent Mills joined Cee and his brother Notion (who's the mastermind behind our audio) for a genuinely family vibe, and they gave us the lowdown on the history of Four Winds, spoke on the impact their late father (and Co-Founder) Greg had on them and the BC beer scene, talked about what it's like working with family, and a ton more. We crushed their Hüft Gold pils, Operis farmhouse, Featherweight IPA, Boreas barrel-aged stout and Juxtapose wild IPA. This was a phenomenal chat, enjoy!

BAOS Podcast

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