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BAOS: Beer & Other Shhh Podcast

Jun 23, 2021

Podcasting is an interesting endeavour. The things you think folks will love don't always resonate, and the things you think are mid end up over-performing. An example of the latter are the pods where Cee just hangs with a co-host for a bit of a chin wag with our rotating schedule of guests like Scott, Tiffany, Noah or Nate. These episodes always perform the best, so we're delivering for y'all.

Nathan Lefebvre of NathanDoesBeer and the BAOS blog joins Cee for a lengthy and open chat about a bunch of things we haven't had the chance to address on the pod, including the recent allegations of rampant sexual misconduct across the craft beer industry, breweries (and the world) opening back up in the wake of a dampening pandemic, healthy drinking habits and how to talk about beer you don't like without being an asshole. They crushed Old Flame No Regrets Light Lager, Orleans Celebrating Sisters Bock, Chronicle The Flatwoods Monster, Badlands June 2021 DIPA and Bellwoods Grandma's Boy with Shiro Plums. Cheers!

Note: We'll be taking a break the first two weeks of July, and then coming back with a fresh, new season.

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